Hardware Store with Bait-a-Trap, mouse trap bait for snap traps

The #1 Bait for Snap Traps

Bait-a-Trap - The #1 Bait for Snap Traps


The Great American Bait Company

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Specially Formulated Non-Toxic Mouse Trap Bait


Confuzzy craving Bait-a-Trap (snap trap bait for catching mice and rats)To catch the unwanted rodent you need the right bait.  Bait-A-TrapTM is specially formulated to attract.  Based on long standing proven ingredients which have been used…

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Confuzzy the Mouse talking about how he loves Bait-a-Trap, the best snap trap bait


Snap TrapOK we all want to catch the little varmint the first go around and in most cases we do but when we don’t here’s a suggestion: To catch the allusive mouse or rat…

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Bait-A-Trap may be found at fine dealers like Ace Hardware and True Value.

Please ask for us at your favorite store….Thank You!